Privacy Policy

Privacy overview

Themes Pro is committed to protecting the privacy and security of your data. Our goal is to help you better organize, discover and search your data, and make you as efficient as possible on the basis of protecting your privacy. In terms of data privacy, we are committed to complying with the "Two Principles of Data Protection."

Themes Pro's data protection law

Data is user's

We never own user data. Keeping notes and other content in Themes Pro will not change their ownership or copyright. In the beginning, the data is yours, then after saving it in Themes Pro, they are still yours. Of course, if the data is not yours at the beginning, after saving to Themes Pro, they will not become yours just because of your saving. This principle applies to all our products and services.

When you store data in Themes Pro, in order to ensure the normal operation of our services, you have granted us certain permissions. For example, you allow us to back up data, send data on the Internet, build indexes for search data, Display data on the device, etc. Some services may require us to send your data to our regular business partners (such as network operators), and we have signed a contract with them to provide some of Themes Pro's services. Before that, we will always ensure that the contract signed with our partners will protect your data ownership.

Except for the limited permission granted to us for running specific operations of the Themes Pro service, you retain all rights to process your own data.

Data is protected

Any data stored in Themes Pro is private by default. Themes Pro is not a "big data" company and will not try to use your content for improper profit. In order to let Themes Pro have more powerful functions and improve your experience, our system will automatically analyze your data, such as search functions, related note-taking functions, and recommend you functions and products that can improve the Themes Pro experience, but we will never Will provide or sell your content to any third party for the purpose of improper profitability.

The business model adopted by Themes Pro is very traditional: we will only make money when you think our product is good enough and you decide to pay. This means that user trust is our most important asset, and protecting data security and privacy is our top priority.

Some features of Themes Pro allow you to publish and share themes, wallpapers and icons, but these features are optional and completely voluntary. If you choose to associate your Themes Pro account with any of our third-party partners, then this partner may gain access to some or all of your data. We will inform you how this partner's application accesses your account. You can turn off the access to this application at any time.

In addition, we take many precautions to protect your data from accidental loss and theft. All data saved in the Themes Pro sync notebook is stored in a highly secure data center with multiple redundant servers, storage devices and offline backups. The communication between Themes Pro client and server (and between multiple data centers) is encrypted. We provide industry-leading security technology, such as two-step authentication applied to all users, and we are still investing in cost to improve data Protection ability. We do our best to protect your password, and no one on the Themes Pro team will ask you for your password.

Our philosophy is that users can leave at any time, and we have the most eternal motivation to make the best products so that you want to stay forever. We sincerely hope that you can stay and use Themes Pro service consistently for many years or even decades. For this purpose, we continue to invest in technology so that your data can be accessed in the distant future.

This is not a legal document, but an article describing our basic business value and attitude towards user data in the simplest language. We will continue to update this article to ensure that it can keep up with the times, but the core principles remain the same: data belongs to the user, data is protected, and data is transferable. We strive to become a century-old startup company, and this is how we achieve this goal.

For more privacy and security policies, please refer to our privacy policy. For more information about your rights and responsibilities, please refer to the terms of service.